Providing A Path To Financial Wellness

Physician Services

At MaxWorth Benefits Group, our experience in the financial services and healthcare industries has given us an understanding of the unique challenges physicians and physician practices face on their financial journeys. We are dedicated to serving medical professionals as they navigate the ever- evolving landscape of their field, helping them achieve their financial goals in every stage of their careers and preparing them to retire when and how they want to.

Our services go beyond traditional financial planning. By leveraging our industry knowledge and awareness of healthcare professionals’ financial needs, we’re able to offer advice that helps physicians prepare for and overcome the volatility of healthcare, qualified plan limitations, and other obstacles commonly faced in their profession. Due to our deep commitment to transparency and objectivity, we have proven to be a trusted partner in finding a path to lasting financial wellness.


Working With Us 

Financial Planning

Our fee-based financial planning process is designed to provide medical professionals with personalized, unbiased, and comprehensive financial guidance. We recognize that physicians often have complex financial situations and are prepared to consider factors such as student loans, high earning potential, and unique retirement needs. Our process begins with a thorough assessment of a physician’s current financial status, including income, expenses, assets, and liabilities, as well as their short-term and long-term financial goals.

Investment Selection And Management

Selecting the right investments is critical to achieving one’s financial goals. We follow a meticulous and client-centric investment selection process to ensure that a physician’s portfolio aligns with their needs and objectives. Taking their risk tolerance and investment horizon into account, we develop an asset allocation strategy that balances investments such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and alternative assets, resulting in a diversified portfolio.

Dissability Income Planning

Disability income planning is a critical aspect of a physician’s financial security given that the ability to earn income is one of their most valuable assets. We help medical professionals safeguard their financial wellbeing by determining the level of disability insurance coverage that would help them replace a significant portion of their income if they were ever unable to practice medicine due to a disability.

Insurance and Risk Managment

Insurance and risk management protects physicians’ assets and provides financial security in the event of a chronic illness, disability or death. It plays a crucial role in a physician’s financial plan, providing a safety net to protect their loved ones and financial legacy. We help physicians choose coverages that supports their long-term goals without compromising their current financial needs.

Retirement Planning

For physicians, retirement planning requires careful consideration given the unique financial challenges and opportunities associated with their careers. Taking into account a physician’s income, expenses, investments, and debt, we help them set clear retirement objectives, whether it involves retiring early, maintaining a comfortable lifestyle, or leaving a lasting legacy.

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