How do you contain the rising cost Benefits?

The Challenge

In an environment of decreasing reimbursement rates, healthcare organizations are under more pressure to compensate physicians for services provided in the emergency department. Since 2012, the average hospital’s call pay expense has increased by 83% relative to net revenue. Today, more physicians are demanding to be paid, and those who are being paid are demanding to be paid more. The cost of call pay is rising at rate that will prove to be unsustainable for most organizations, and competition for physician talent is adding fuel to the fire.

Many organizations have attempted to solve this challenge through employment, but this solution can be financially unfeasible or culturally unacceptable for some. In these cases, a more creative solution is required.

Our Solutions

At MaxWorth, we help clients find an approach to call pay that satisfies the interests of the physicians without threatening the financial viability of the hospital.

Our Call Pay Solution® establishes call pay programs that are inclusive, fair, and sustainable. The program’s three-phase, six-step process has been implemented at organizations throughout the country. As national call pay budgets continue to escalate, our clients have experienced only a 4.5% since 2012.

Want to Learn More? Read our latest white paper.

Read our latest white paper, The Call Pay Solution: Stabilizing budgets with a fair and sustainable approach, to learn how MaxWorth uses a unique process to help hospitals become more financially stable.

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